About Us


Single Origin Coffee. Pure Colombian Coffee

Cafe Social is a company in Madison, WI and Armenia, Quindio, Colombia.

We import high quality Colombian coffee in order to bring a traditional coffee experience to the world.

Colombia is known for producing the finest coffee in the world and the quality of our Excelso green bean coffee is 100% certified by the Colombian Coffee Federation FNC.

Our coffee is coming from family farms in the Andes mountains of Colombia at an elevation of more than 4,200 feet above sea level.

Our Coffee Fields

Our coffee plants are Arabica Colombian variety that is resistant to diseases and bugs so we don't need to use chemicals, only natural process to get rid of the diseases and bugs.

Our green bean coffee is a Single Origin Coffee Excelso UGQ 92 that comes from our sister's coffee farms so they are not blended or mixed with unknown coffees.

Best Quality

We provide excellent quality coffee that brings people together in social interaction to understand, respect, and enjoy each other, which can generate peace in the world.

Our coffee beans are hand selected for size and quality. Our coffee will yield a lively, rich, and aromatic cup.


Ground Medium Roast 12oz


Ground Dark Roast 12 oz Bag


Decaf Coffee Medium Roast 12oz Bag


Whole Bean Medium Roast 12oz


Whole Bean Dark Roast 12 oz Bag


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